Tuesday, June 08, 2010

That toddling town

In Chicago waiting for flight to Nashville. Here in OH it is 13C and rainy which feels like home. Only home today was 13C and sunny. So I drove to the airport with the top down and enjoyed the spring morning sunshine.

Last week and this week have been and will be full of life. I managed a latin gig on Saturday night with four amazing musucians from Guatemala and Cuba who withstood my fumbling cascaras and politely overlooked my playing of 2|3 son claves when I should have been playing 3|2 rhumba claves. (Look it up. Butchery). No excuse other than lack of preparation due to distraction from work and ride preparation.

Speaking of which, wifey has been doing incredible things on her bike, with a butt-numbing 100km ride on Saturday, followed by another 70 on Sunday. She is inspiring to me.

Unfortunately my training has been fitful at best. Between setup/ soundcheck at the Mexican wedding gig on Saturday, and the gig itself, I managed a meagre 73km. On Sunday, I unfortunately slept in (2am to bed the night before after teardown) and dragged my pathetic self on a 62k ride. Monday after work and before prepping for this trip, I did a quick 27k.

Trying to tell myself that I have been doing extra hills to compensate (like a couple of trips up the 4km Cambie hill from SW Marine drive to QE Park), but the reality is that nothing matches long distances and hours in the saddle. It's less training and more enduring.

I look forward to riding my bike for pleasure again. This week I have one more day of training before I am off to AB to spend some time with the parental units. Then four short evenings to train next week.

No more long rides. I will have to pedal on the inspiration of Wifey, and our friends who are joining us on the ride to conquer cancer.


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Sparx said...

Whoa Hoty - 'A meagure 73km' - you two are made of rock.