Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hoto, Johnny, Wendy, Shelley, Don and Diane. Day 2 at the finish line. Diane's brother Mark, his wife Audra and their boys all drove down with a truck and trailer to pick up our bikes and bring them back to Canada for us while we stayed in Seattle for some recovery time. Mark snapped the upper picture of me while I was taking the lower picture with my phone.

Pretty cool.

Some good friends here, let me tell you.

120km today for a total of 250km. $25,000 raised.

A personal best.


Sparx said...

Oh man, well well done... brilliant... hot baths all around!!

Robin and Raenelle said...

Crap ... you guys are crazy!! And an inspiration! WOW - CONGRATULATIONS! I cannot even imagine how you made it all that way ... and over ALL those hills. Just ... WOW. Congrats Hoto & Shelly!! ;-) Raenelle.