Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday and counting

53km in the beautiful sunshine with all the gardens blooming and UBC
endowment lands filled with the scent of spring...

And the sound of me panting.

Saturday it rains

Miserable freezing driving rain. Wifey and I are soaked to the skin
and shivering...

But a great ride around UBC to Southlands then back again and around
False Creek. 47km with plenty of hills.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Melted leaf

On the Elbow River. Ice on the shore. Leaves warmed up in the sun and
melted a foot into the ice. Even the stalk left a trail down through
the ice.

Scene of the crime

The final bloodstain and the weapon that delivered the final blows.

Drilling the piano


Removing the strings

We loosened the pegs with a drill, then cut the piano wires free.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hills hills hills


Friday, April 02, 2010

Signs, signs everywhere the signs

I should have taken heed of the signs.

Large branches blown down in the Stanley Park causeway.

The radio announcing the ferry sailing delays.

The rain driving sideways at sea level.

The whitecaps visible in Burrard Inlet.

But, no it had all seemed so placid at home. A drizzle of rain. 7
degrees celsius. Not that cold.

As I drove up onto the Upper Levels highway, the SUV started
buffetting in the wind, but I thought to myself: suck it up! You've
sculled on Coal Harbour in a snow storm, you've ridden your bike in
the worst kinds of weather. How bad could it be?

Well, riding up (or rather, trying to ride up) Cypress Bowl road, in
what became a hailstorm, on a holiday Friday morning in which everyone
and their dog decides to race up to the mountain for some spring
skiing, on a shoulderless road, with the gale gorce wind blowing DOWN
the mountain against me, with my feet so cold and soaking wet in four
minutes that I thought my toes were going to snap off ... it just
proved to be a bad idea. I made it 15 minutes before I thought I was
going to die, and then abandonded it for four sprints up the hill from
Spanish Banks beach to UBC.

Also cold and wet, just not quite so dangerous.

Then I went home and got warm.

Who's idea was the ride to Conquer Cancer anyway?


Went to the auto show with Don and got a very close up look at an icon
of Canadian motoring history.