Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tean Vino Velo at the Finish Line

Perhaps not so fresh, definitely not clean, but having fulfilled our promise. Johnny and Wendy are looking fresh and clean because they got in about 2 hours before the rest of us, having smoked through the 2nd day course full of hills. The two of them are totally inspiring.

This is Hoto, Johnny, Wendy, Shell, Andy, Don, Diane, Leah and Cathy, with the finish line behind us to the left, and gray cloudy skies letting up from the rain temporarily. As you will see from my later posts, this day was capped with a never-ending set of hills to climb. We made it. Shell and I did it on our mountain bikes. Our friends were so supportive. Johnny and Wendy gave us great advice for training and inspired us with their speed. Andy managed to pace himself so that he could ride beside absolutely everyone during the ride. Don and Diane, Leah and Cathy traded positions as they rode with the fast riders and then at their own pace. We did it. We are pretty happy that we got through it. We learned a lot about ourselves.

At least, I did.

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