Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Downloaded the skype client for Windows mobile today, installed with no issues and had a successful call over our home Wifi network with Shell at her office. This means that I can use the phone when travelling to Korea where there's no GSM. Anywhere there's WiFi of course. Brilliant. Free. Huge bonus.

Unfortunately picoblogger appears to be toast and there's no other smartphone blogging tool that I can find to post pictures. Also, picture messaging isn't working and some troll at Rogers told me "it's never worked for Windows Mobile" and proceeded to tell me that I was mistaken in thinking that it ever worked. The blogs and forums confirm that others are having the same problem. Boo.

190.5 tonight. Lost my Bavarian bulge.

The software works like a dream and my mum could have installed it.

(sent wirelessly from my phone)


lady macleod said...

This is quite an undertaking, like micro-blogging.

Hoto said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lady Mac.

It's purely an experiment, not to mention an exercise in frustration.

Unfortunately the lack of reliable blogging tools that allow posting of pictures is limiting my creativity. Picoblogger bailed on me. Blogger supports phone blogging but not from Canadian wireless network operators. I'm still searching for the best solution.

Sparx said...

Hey Hoty. I just installed skype too, maybe we could try again and you could have a chat at the spud one day? Parental units leaving in the morning, all v sad. Blob however has been christened and lightening didn't hit the church so all your in-utero spawn-of-the-devil predictions are clearly naught, unless the devil is in fact NOT a Catholic as previously imagined...