Wednesday, May 30, 2007

PCs suck

So I made plans to skype with JVM on Friday night from my home PC. He's Lonely in Boston, you see. So I get home around 10pm on Friday, fire up my trusty logitech web cam (circa 1998) and ping him. Get on the call and he can't hear me barely at all, let alone see me. So i try him from my other PC, a screaming 3GHz Pentium IV with 2GB ram, and the fucking Skype client won't connect through McAfee, (which I only installed because Norton was such a catastrophically hopeless tool). No matter what I did, I could't get McAfee rules configured in a way that it would let skype work.

So with two entire PCs at my disposal, I left them idle and skyped with JVM for almost 2 hours on my lowly little s620 mobile phone, which I also used to send a picture of myself to him via email from the phone during the call.

Worked well over 802.11g although there are a couple of limitations:

1. The phone can only be used in speakerphone or wired headset mode. Skype hasn't sorted the bluetooth or regular audio paths yet.

2. His inbound audio stream would sometimes repeat certain words and phrases repeat words and phrases (just like that). It didn't jitter or stutter, just repeated whole 2 or 3 second chunks. JVM didn't hear anything like that on his end.

3. Sucked my battery dry in 1 hour. The phone had 2 bars of juice when I started but it ran down quite rapidly when I had the speakerphone on.

However kudos to Rogers wireless, for although they are the Great Evil, they are one of the few North American operators to ship a GSM/EDGE phone direct from their retail stores with wifi enabled.

Thumbs up for the little s620.

(sent wirelessly from my phone)


Sparx said...

Hey ho. Have you tried Zone Alarm? I can't vouch for it letting Skype take a call however so far I've had no trouble using the basic functions. Also, I rate Zone Alarm over the other firewalls having tried them all. And it's free. I'm still on the last-but-one update though as the most recent seems to have a conflict which I haven't worked out yet...

Any luck on a new skype date for us?

Suki said...

PCs definitely suck. If you have the cash, try Mac.

And my pc is working quite well with Avast antivirus + firewall, which is free. Occasional scans from help, as does AdAware SE. Whew! I pc takes one helluva lot of maintenance.

However, I can still make Skype calls ;).