Monday, November 20, 2006

FW: Workaround

OK: Retro time. Back to the two-body approach. For you non-wireless folks oot thar, that means using my PDA for my mobile computing device, and my old GPRS phone pretty much as a dumb modem for the PDA. Connect the two via bluetooth and it's pretty straightforward after that. My PPC has WiFi but that's still not ubiquitous.

However I can't post pics using email like this, so an alternative solution is required. Am now in search of a Blogger client for PPC2003. Should be easy to find.

Thanks for all your congratulatory notes on reaching 190. Still can't discern my abs but 1 out of 2 ain't bad.

Despite a debauched night to celebrate Don's birthday on Saturday night (SaltLik on Alberni; great steak; cartoonish wait staff; average martinis) followed by a staggering breakfast by Shell on Sunday, AND a self indulgent junk food pigout on Sunday (bag of Smartfood and a chocolate bar) l'm holding at 191.5.

Seven days to go.

(via email from my PocketPC Via my Sony T616)


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