Tuesday, November 14, 2006

4th and last Day of Renos

Mad rush to try and get the 2nd layer of subfloor down. 3/8" plywood over the particle board sub-sub-floor. Easier since it's not tongue in groove, and the sheets were larger. Mum and I had to do some careful planning and scheming to use the largest bits of wood as possible. Still ended up making hundreds of cuts to get it to fit without wasting any wood. It's amazing how proud you can be of cutting a single 4'x8' piece of wood that wraps around a toilet, around a door frame and up an angled wall. Sad testament to one's self worth. Had to get up close and personal with the commode to squeak it into place. Seems like I spend a lot of my winters on my knees in this bathroom. This time, however, less retching involved.

Managed to shave off 1/2" from the bathroom and sauna door to ensure they'd clear both the floor and the carpet/tiling to come. Got finished in enough time to discover that there wasn't enough carpet or underlay to cover the area. M&D's friend Pierre will get them the flooring they need. He came by for a look-see tonight. Home tomorrow.


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