Wednesday, January 03, 2007


OK. Long Break. Turned 40 at 192. Phone is d-e-a-d and now in hands of mobile phone voodoo priest who is attempting resurrection via some evil and dark magic.

Had Christmas at Bragg Creek plus cool visit with Sis, Bro-in-Law and nephew at home. Survived but back up to 196. Mainly booze and chocolates and a fierce lack-of will to blame.

Shell bought me a trip to the Aerie resort (complete with a helicopter ride over) for my birthday, which then got snowed out. Killer storms in BC delayed us until 12/30. Came over today via ferry with D&D and are spa-ing tomorrow prior to a huge New Years eve dinner & dance.



Tonight: Drank lots of martinis, prosecco, champagne, La Frenz Montage and amazing Barbaresco Ovello wine (the latter courtesy of our friends James & Janet) and ate the best bread and cheeses that Granville Island's choucouterie (Oyama Sausage Co) could offer.

Now lying in our palatial Hummingbird suite #34 in the Aerie Residences with my iPaq camped on the Spa's wireless network staring out across Juan De Fuca strait at the distant lights of Port Angeles and drinking in the midnight mountain air.

It's all good. So incredibly good.

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