Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Abs

OK. it has been a long time again. The sad loss of my beloved sp5m left me too bereft to even think of seriously blogging again.

But time marches on and I realize that I must persevere. Furthermore, those of you who gamely followed me through to my 21lb weight loss will remember that I failed to meet my goal of seeing my abs by my 40th birthday. Miserably failed, actually. And although I managed to drop two inches from my waist, my middle remains ringed with an unsatisfactory and definitely middle-aged bump of flab. So, I've decided to "re-up": I'm signing myself up to meet another goal. Instead of teaching myself conversational German by June, to coincide with our friends visiting from Germany (and to be able to converse with my German boss and our CEO in their Mutter tongue), I've resigned myself to the fact that it is
too unrealistic a goal without someone to practise with around the house (S has signed us up for signing classes [sign language, that is] so that we can converse with our niece).

So I come back to my abs. My drab flab un-fab abs.
Since I need to be bathing suit trim by July...time's ticking.

Standby for the first embarrassing 'before' picture.

If only my abs were improved as a result of thumbtyping...

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Sparx said...

Yay! Back!!

Marie said...

motivation is a hard thing to get. It looks so much easier in the films- all that gym malarky. Maybe you should send some my way!