Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Our host's wife is a high school teacher. Her students are in class from 7am to 11pm five days per week. So his wife teaches 16 hours per day five days per week. 8 months of the year. THey do get 3 months off in the winter, and then 1 in the summer. But gruelling. The reason? University applications are so high that there are 40 students for every single university position. So at any of the 20 or so Seoul universities, if there's a capacity of 20,000 students, there are up to 800,000 applicants each school year. Our hosts 13 year old son has classes from 7am to 1am. He eats dinner at school and takes a short break and then is in intensive studies until 1am, then walks home and sleeps for a few hours.
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