Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ride to Conquer Cancer is looming

I admit that I feel unprepared for this upcoming 250km, 2-day bicycle ride to Seattle from Surrey, BC. I have a great riding partner, my friend Tom, who is a great mentor and guide, and an experienced rider. He is almost 15 years older than me and hugely fit.

I am also reminding myself daily that this is a doddle compared to facing cancer.

Big thanks to my generous friends and family for donating to my cause snd seeing me on may way.

To distract me from this upcoming challenge, here's a picture of a little bird that came and sat on my shoulder while I was at a meeting at Starbucks today. He walked all over my back and shoulders and wouldn't be dislodged for 20 minutes. Sat there chirping loudly into my ear. I got up and walked back to my office about a block away and he rode on my shoulder the whole way whereupon a gentle wave from my colleague got him to fly away. Not until, of course, he left a delicate little poop on my sweater, in between my shoulder blades.

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