Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Arrived in Honolulu after a bit of a bumpy flight.

On the way over from Vancouver we watched the movies Hellboy, which was very entertaining and funny, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, also funny and intended to put us in the mood for Waikiki. Which it did.

Our plane descended down through thick cloud and we landed in a light rain which, as we made our way off the plane through the open terminal, became a torrential tropical storm. We got our bags and found a taxi and as we drove out from underneath the airport underpass the rain had stopped. Then 10 seconds later it was torrential again.

Anyway, we found our way to the New Otani Kaimana hotel, where it was bone dry, checked into our modest room and made our waey to dinner. The Hau Tree restaurant in the hotel is one of Waikikis finest, as it turns out, and we had one of the best meals we've ever had, which is rare in the US. I had a pan seared duck breast appetizer served on a poi/green onion pancake with a tropical fruit chutney. It was unreal. And four giant, juicy lamb chops to follow. Phenomenal service, which is not rare in the US. The two intertwined Hau Trees that shade the outdoor dining room are impressive, and their branches actually intrude on the sight lines for some diners. Under these trees, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island.

This morning we woke up before sunset to discover that our land side room had a rather spectacular view of the sunrise over Diamond Head.

We are still in bed. The sun is shining hot through our open balcony door, the incredibly scented breezes are wafting through the room, and we are actually getting a sun tan ... We're not even up yet.

It is likely going to be a very good day.

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Sparx said...

Gods, I am soooo envious....