Sunday, January 24, 2010

My first 60km

Ok so I've been topping out at 50k rides in my training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer in June. Mainly because these are taking me two hours and its hard to find the time in my and wifey's busy schedules. I can't get above an average speed of 22km on city streets mainly because of hills that I'm dying on. I'm using a mountain bike with smaller wheels than road bikes and different gearing, but the main impediment is my fitness. I rode ten hours in the last eight days but my progression is slower than I thought.

But yesterday I rode a quick 17km warm up, and today I eked out a 60km including the seemingly endless hill where 4th Avenue becomes Chancellor Boulevard. So its time to get onto the spin program. Riding in the real world is the reality I like, but I need to step it up.

The reality is, however that none of these things really matter because the biggest problem after three hours in the saddle has nothing to do with sore limbs or aching lungs. As every rider before me has discovered, it's the Dinosaur Effect:

The MegaSoreAss.


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Sparx said...

... words escape me but I'm very impressed...