Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Picasso di Spud

Charlie's first piece of art handcrafted for his uncle. My favourite little nephew claims it's a digger (a back-hoe for you canucks).

Clearly one can appreciate the raw beauty and simplicity with which he has swept his hand across the page; the white space; the rugged symmetry.

But as is plain for all to see, he's actually drawn a big cock and balls.

I don't think he's gay yet, but clearly unhealthily obsessed.

(see Superbad for pop cultch reference re: obsession with sketches of male genitalia.)



Sparx said...

You know, it looks even more like a penis that I remember.

Hoto said...

Yes, with a nice big tongue about to give it a lick.

Anonymous said...

Alright already - how about a new post?