Saturday, May 23, 2009

Starsky & Hutch Themes: There WERE two ...

So to that guy, in that bar.  You know who you are, Mister Man.

You refused to believe that there were two Starsky and Hutch theme songs (one for domestic US and one for International release) but which both were released subsequently in the UK where an impressionable and weedy little asthmatic kid waited sweatily for each episode:
Here's the domestic theme:
And here's the subsequent international theme: (killer Tom Scott and LA Express track):
Nyah!  In your face!  I was right!  Yes.

Can't fool the Starsky and Hutch fan club member.  Had the poster. Had the matchbox and corgi Gran Torino.  @#$%ker.

Screw Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. There was only ever Glaser and Soul...



Sparx said...

Hmm... but they're both a teensy bit forgettable though, aren't they? Or is that just me?

Hoto said...

S&H fans never forget. Peace out, Bay City.