Friday, October 06, 2006


The main reason I started posting my weight is that my family seems absolutely obsessed with the topic. It is the very first thing that my sister and mother mention when they see me... Whether I am looking lighter or heavier... Better or worse. My sensibilities used to be vaguely
Insulted by this, even though it was only family, until I realized that it is in fact an entirely British pastime, like grumbling about the weather or the government. As I found on numerous trips to the UK, Brits seem to almost invariably feel they are overweight and so find comfort and solace in the endless comparison between their own waistine and that of others.

I am, needless to say, no longer insulted.
Perhaps until my waist line begins to grow again.


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Sparx said...

Hoto's sis don't think he's fat
Hoto's sis just thinks that
Every time she sees him he looks great
Nothing to do with his enormous weight